Tutrakan is one of the oldest and most interesting places along the river Danube.  It is in the middle of the route between Ruse and Silistra almost 60 km away from each of them. Its houses raise amphitheatrically on the high slope, looking around the calm Danubian water. During its thousands of years of existence, Tutrakan is invariably connected to the fishing, fish-nets knitting and boat-work-shops. At about in the middle of the third millennium nomads settled here and laid the beginning of a new epoch. During the archeological excavations is discovered a fortress, called Transmariska. This name means “beyond the swamps”, i.e. the swamps western from Tutrakan in the area of “Kalimok”. The river Danube itself is a home, means of livelihood and protector, its past, present and future.  Here, on the west of the town, the river makes an awesome turn, represents an incredibly beautiful sunset view, when the sun slowly dips into the quiet waters. Is there any other town on the Danubian bank that is so closely connected with the river? At the end of the 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries fishing is the main way of living. During the centuries local people were looking forward to the river as the main recourse of food. Here in Tutrakan is the only one and unique fishermen’s settlement in the country and architectural reserve “Ribarska Mahala (Fishermen’s Quarter) with its characteristic originality, tidiness and revival and is preserved for the generations. With its fishermen’s nets, the boat workshops and the fishermen’s houses, the quarter reminds like a living legend for this oldest way of life of our ancestors. It is situated on the north-east part of the town and it is a monument of culture of national significance.
18 - 20 August - 2016
The Contest was held for the first time in the year 2000 by the proposal of Professor Petar Liondev. That year he was the Chairman of the International Jury. There is a great interest and the performers are getting more and more by every year.
In 2007 another section was born - modern dances and that is how the contest turned into a Festival of arts.
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